Natural Firelighters 4-Pack

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This best selling bundle includes 4 boxes of our popular firelighters.

Our natural firelighters will get your fire started in no-time! Perfect for your FIREPLACE, WOOD-BURNING STOVE, GRILL and PIZZA OVEN.

The firelighters are made from 100% NATURAL WOOD SHAVINGS, sourced from ecologically sustainable forestry. Unlike many other firelighters, they are EASY TO LIGHT, FREE OF CHEMICALS and have a LONG BURN TIME (8-10 min).

Ingredients: 100% natural wood shavings, stearin and paraffin wax.
CAUTION! Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry, cool place.

    Why use a Kindling Cracker?

    Keep your fingers safe

    The Kindling Cracker is the ingenious tool that helps you split firewood safely. Thanks to its award-winning, patented design, it is very easy to use and crucially it offers security for the fingers.

    ❥ A safe and effective way to split wood without a dangerous axe.

    ❥ Great accessory for your wood burning stove and fireplace.

    ❥ Made from top-grade, recycled cast iron and manufactured in a foundry in Australia.

    Comes in two sizes:


    Made to last a lifetime



    Amazing invention!! Received my Kindling Cracker the other day and I'm so pleased. My grandchildren is now helping out to split firewood. It's great!! 

    Marianne O.

    Hi! Just had to give some feedback on this tool. Completely amazing! I can't stop using it! Highly addictive.

    Jan F.