Kindling Cracker Inventor

Ayla Huchinson Kindling Cracker Inventor

This is Ayla Hutchinson from New Zealand - the young inventor behind Kindling Cracker™. Ayla was only 13 years old when she invented the firewood splitter which makes it safe and super easy to split kindling and firewood. 

Ayla got the idea after her mother cut her finger badly while she split firewood with an axe and Ayla was determined to find a safer alternative. 

It is interesting that it took almost 5000 years before a young lady from New Zealand realised that you can turn the axe upside down and create a safe firewood splitter that everyone can use, both young and old. 

Ayla's Kindling Cracker™ is now an award-winning success story!

The New Zealand Postal Service issued a stamp to pay tribute to Ayla and her ingenious invention.

Ayla with Kindling Cracker Post Stamp