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Kindling Cracker Original

  • 139.00 EUR

In stock. Kindling Cracker - Split your firewood safe, quick and easy! This wood chopper is a great accessory for your wood burning stove and fireplace.

In stock.
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Kindling Cracker - Split your firewood safe, quick & easy

Kindling Cracker ™ is the award-winning firewood splitter that makes it easy and safe to split wood. Perfect for those with a wood burner, fireplace or sauna. Kindling Cracker is a wood splitter anyone can use, both young and old, small and big.

With many hundreds of thousands of sold units world wide, the Kindling Cracker has quickly become the new go-to tool for splitting firewood.

Thousands of axe related accidents occur in homes every year. With a Kindling Cracker, you can split firewood quickly, easily and with all your fingers intact!

  • A safe and effective way to split kindling and firewood without a dangerous axe.
  • This is the original that is made in a foundry in Australia from high quality cast iron.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

Kindling Cracker Original takes firewood up to 16 cm in diameter. If you have larger wood than that, we recommend the bigger Kindling Cracker King.

Note: a hammer is not included, you can however get our bundle version with hammer included.

Product Details:

Size: 22,5 x 22,5 x 31 cm

Safety ring inside diameter: 16,5 cm

Weight: 4,8 kg

The inventor of the Kindling Cracker ™ is Ayla Hutchinson from New Zealand who was only 13 years old when she invented the Kindling Cracker. She got the idea after her mother chopped her finger badly while she split wood with an axe and Ayla was determined to find a safer alternative. It is interesting that it took almost 5000 years before a young girl from New Zealand realised that you can turn the axe upside down and create a much safer and better alternative.


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